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Here is the eDM for the Cyberport Angel Pitching Program.

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About the Programme

about the programme

Cyberport is now inviting you to join its yearly event, “Cyberport Angel Pitching Programme”. If you are looking for early stage capital, you must know what an Angel is looking for, and how to get your new venture ready to attract them. If you are the CEO or founder of an early stage company, this Programme will provide you with a strong understanding of the requirements that need to be met, to be ready to attract and utilize private capital for development and growth, i.e. to know what is required to become ‘investment ready’ for an angel investor.



Programme Format


Participants could get 4-full days (on Saturdays) training, 2-month 1-on-1 mentorship meetings with real angel investor as your mentor (mentor-incubatee matching in advance), individual company professional consultation.  At the end of the Programme, a pitching competition will be held, successful graduates of the Programme could receive FREE entry to pitch to and meet with angel investors at fundraising pitching event.
The boot camp targets founders, directors and partners of start-up and incubatee companies to attend.  Hangout and “before” & “after” pitch video will be provided to participating company for reference.

programme format





Keith Rumjahn, CEO Coachbase

Keith Rumjahn, CEO

Andy Chang, Founder, I-Influence Limited

Andy Chang, Founder
I-Influence Limited

“Even if you don't raise funding, I highly recommend this Programme, because it really make me think about my business and not just day-to-day work and pushing to product… it helped me a lot to be a CEO, we grow by thinking about the business model, the customers, the value, and these lots of things about proposition.  We changed from pure an app company into a platform.... It taught me a lot on financial and prepared me for the 1st round and now entering the 2nd round.”

"This is one of the best seminars that I've attended, and I continue to apply the learnings everyday on the job. I think it should be mandatory for all Cyberport incubatees and start-ups in Hong Kong.





Ken Chu, Co-Founder, Openball Sports and Entertainment Limited

Ken Chu, Co-Founder
Openball Sports and Entertainment Limited.

Andy Chung, CEO, XNT Limited

Andy Chung, CEO
XNT Limited

“Cyberport also organizes many useful courses which help get us ready on product development, business development and investment.  For example, We learnt what the investors want to hear from our pitch.  One of the best ways to pitch is to express our passion of our project by telling our own story.”

Openball Sports and Entertainment Limited successfully raised funding during Cyberport ICT Silicon Valley Delegation 2013. 

"The experience sharing sessions, hosted by the real-life angels, in particular, has given us information that is not easily accessible elsewhere. We now have a better idea on what investors are really looking for from a start-up company. And, thanks to the very patient, seasoned instructors, mentors and judges, we are now ready and confident to pitch our business to any potential investors that we meet in an elevator - including Mr Forbes.  I highly recommend this training programme to any entrepreneurs who are serious about succeeding in their businesses."



Programme Details




Course Fee




Course Fee

October 2014 – January 2015 (tentative)

Cyberport incubatees and Start-Ups Companies

Cyberport Entrepreneurship Centre, Unit 518, Level 5, Core F, Cyberport 3, 100 Cyberport Road

HK$19,800 net per start-up company

register now

If you are interested in this training, please send the information to to register by
15 September 2014 (Monday)
 for the arranging of Current Position Analysis meeting (via Skype) with the trainer, Mr. Raiyo Nariman, Director of Serendipity Group Limited.  

All interested company will undergo a “Current Positional Analysis” (CPA), which is a review of the current position of a company in terms of its capability to attract capital.  This is a detailed discussion with the founder, regarding their product/ service, commercialization strategy, team and capabilities, etc. Companies that “pass “ the CPA will be invited to join the training.  

Additionally, if you are successfully admitted into the Cyberport Incubation Programme, you could enjoy the special offer at HK$4,950 (regular price at HK$19,800) to apply the training.



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